A geek at heart

2016-12-18 00:01:46

Having grown up with a name that was hard for kids to pronounce at school, Alessio grew up as somewhat of an introvert. The world inside his head was far more interesting than the one around him. Quite ironic that he became involved in social media, where he gets to be social with people online, all from his iPhone while enjoying being on his own.

Alessio always knew he had a creative side but had a hard time expressing his creativity in a way that felt right. As a result, he never pursued a creative job and spent many years working in jobs that never seemed to be the right fit and sucked the life out of him.

Until one day that he decided that he?d had enough. He quit his job and ventured into the digital world. Alessio has been self-employed since August 2012, and has since discovered his passion for mobile photography. It was a way for him to express his creativity in exactly the way he wanted to. As a result, he?s been featured by Instagram and been on their suggested users list, the Holy Grail for all serious users of the app. He took this new found passion and combined it with his existing digital work and this has become his core business, which has led to Alessio working with some top local and international brands.

Alessio is a geek at heart. He has a love for all things Apple and spends a ridiculous amount of time tapping the keys or swiping the screen of his devices. Despite being white, he also has an unhealthy love for hip hop music, Air Jordans and street culture. His love for mobile photography, social media and technology all come together nicely on his iPhone, allowing him to carry his passions and explore his creativity wherever he goes.

@justageekdoing is a more personal look at my life. It's a way more curated lifestyle feed, with a whole lot more thought put into it. I won't just put any photo up on that account. It has to have a certain look and feel to it. It has to be special. I offered free typographic avatars a while ago, and the campaign went viral. It was only for one day, but over 100 people asked me for an avatar. How crazy?!